This Millennial Couple Bought a Campground Before They Owned a Home

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As much as Kathryn Berta enjoyed living in Boston and working for a startup, one of her biggest joys was traveling elsewhere. She and her husband, Alan, would pack up their camping gear and road-trip to different Kampgrounds of America sites around the country. During one trip, a campground owner jokingly offered to sell them the business. Berta laughed it off, but it sparked something in her. She could not shake the idea.

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Kathryn Berta and her husband Alan lived for adventure, so they bought a Kampgrounds of America franchise in Vermont.

The couple started actively looking for campgrounds in 2017, and in 2019 they purchased one of KOA’s 500-plus campgrounds in East Dummerston, VT. Their decision surprised many of her family members and friends, especially since the couple bought a franchise before they’d even owned a home. But three years into the adventure, 31-year-old Berta likes the flexibility that their life allows: She splits her time between the campground and, of course, even more travels with her husband and daughter.

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