Ten Profitable Online Businesses for Sale in March

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profitable online businesses for sale

Electric vehicles do not only cover cars, today if it has wheels it can run on batteries. One of the online businesses for sale in this list is a branded Electric Scooter Co. that is innovative and with huge potential for growth.

The online businesses for sale in March come from BizBuySell, the internet’s largest and most heavily trafficked business-for-sale marketplace. The 10 online businesses for sale include everything from a branded electric scooter co. to natural healing online business with 3 physical stores in Arizona.

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Ten Profitable Online Businesses for Sale in March

Here are the online businesses for sale this month:

Electric Scooter Co.

This Electric Scooter Co. has a 90% + YOY growth with strategic and versatile e-commerce sale channels with recurring revenues. This includes an automatic sales and marketing system in place to capitalize on the growth in the electric vehicle space taking place globally.

The business is in Los Angeles, but it can be relocated. The asking price is $ 1,286,399 with gross revenue of $ 1,822,899 and cash flow of $ 613,379.

Electric Scooter

Sanitizer Stations Ecommerce / Drop Shipping Website

As an e-commerce / drop shipping website, this business provides hand sanitizer stands, stations, and dispensers nationwide. And it can operate as 100% drop or as a hybrid of drop shipping and in-house or third-party fulfillment.

The business is based in California with a asking price of $ 199,000. The gross revenue is $ 340,444 with a cash flow of $ 81,886.

Sanitizer Stations

Social Media Marketing Company

Focused on high-level influencers / celebrities and established businesses this social media marketing company also operates as a full-service marketing agency. It has value in the relationship with the influencer management teams and brand relationships they have established.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah the asking price is $ 1,700,000. The gross revenue is $ 2,505,000 with a cash flow of $ 536,000.

Social Media Marketing

Patented Health & Fitness Product & Hi-Tec Brand

With patents and two trademarked brands, this health and fitness product and hi-tec brand provides Far Infrared Heated Health, Fitness, and Anti-Aging saunas. It is a fully established business with an average order of $ 4,894 and an extensive digital presence.

The business is located in the Southwest and the asking price is $ 600,000. The gross revenue is $ 1,590,914 with a cash flow of $ 499,913.

Patented Health & Fitness Product

Established Brand of Golf Clubs

With 100% online sales and 75% margins this Established Brand of Golf Clubs has a proven 26-year track record. The company has grown through word-of-mouth popularity for its quality reputation, patented technologies, e-commerce site, and product line. The company has propriety designs with patented technology sold to end-users (50,000+ customers) directly.

The business is located in New York and the asking price is $ 4,700,000. The gross revenue is $ 2,150,000 and it has a cash flow of $ 1,083,527.

Brand of Golf Clubs

Toy Manufacturer, Subscription Box & Ecommerce

This Toy Manufacturer Subscription Box & E-commerce has been operating for 8 years with a strong recurring revenue through the subscription box channel, affiliate network, and partnerships with brands and designers. The company has distribution networks through multiple e-commerce sales channels.

The business is located in Illinois and the asking price is $ 2,800,000. The gross revenue is $ 3,148,000 with a cash flow of $ 724,000.

Toy Manufacturer

Tele-Health Psychiatry Practice

For more than 15 years, this Tele-Health Psychiatry Practice has been providing diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. This practice has transitioned from brick and mortar to complete digital practice, with secure software.

The business is located in Scottsdale, AZ and the asking price is $ 325.00. The gross revenue is $ 270,000 and it has a cash flow of $ 205,000.


Provider of WiFi Hotspots to RV and Mobile Home Parks

Established in 2004, this company is the sole provider of Wi-Fi Hotspots to RV and Mobile Home Parks to around 70 parks. It provides service in RV and mobile home parks in the Eastern and Midwestern US. The business owns the antennas, radios, routers, mounting equipment and cabling installed in the parks, which is included in the sale.

The business is located in Broward County, FL and the asking price is $ 850,000. The gross revenue is $ 600,000 with a cash flow of $ 350,000.

Provider of Wi-Fi Hotspots

E-Commerce Wall Decor Manufacturer

This is a direct-to-consumer E-Commerce Wall Décor Manufacturer established in 2020. It has hundreds of different wall decor designs, and it is the only e-commerce wall decor manufacturer using metal composite. The company has a 100% organic email list with more than 33,000 subscribers that are currently growing at 2-3k per month.

The business is located in the City of Industry, CA and the asking price is $ 500,000. The gross revenue is $ 2,713,804 with a cash flow of $ 260,000.

E-Commerce Wall Decor

Natural Healing Online Business With 3 Physicals Stores In Arizona

This Natural Healing Online Business has an online / eCommerce and 3 physical stores. It has been a leader in both education and sales within the CBD space since 2017. Currently, it has more than 135 products, over 20 propriety formulations, and 150+ educational videos.

The business is located in Phoenix, AZ and the asking price is $ 1,00,000. The gross revenue is $ 1,191,599 with a cash flow of $ 41,483.

Natural Healing Online Business

Benefits of an Online Business

One of the many benefits of owning an online business is you can run it 24/7 with the potential of a global customers base. Whether it is a digital or physical product or online services, the sky is the limit when it comes to an online business.

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