How to share an Instagram story in less than 5 steps

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Have you ever watched and thought of an Instagram story, “[Insert name of friend] should you see it? “

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One of my favorite aspects of Instagram – and social media in general – is its shareability. For businesses, it’s also a great way to engage your audience, share relevant content, and tell a bigger brand story.

However, when it comes to posting content on Instagram, the steps are not always simple. Here we’ll cover how to share content with your Instagram story.


How to share an Instagram story

How to share an Instagram post with my story

Why Brands Share Instagram Stories and Posts

As I mentioned above, businesses can repost content on Instagram to engage their followers and share branded content.

But what exactly should you share? It’s a good idea to share content that meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • The content is directly related to my trademark
  • The content reflects my brand’s aesthetics
  • A customer tagged or mentioned my brand
  • My followers will find the content valuable

Here’s an example – Peloton’s clothing brand, @PeletonApparel, regularly shares posts from customers wearing his clothes – and they usually add a call to action, such as a link to his store. It’s a great way to leverage user-generated content to engage a community and build brand proponents.


A word of warning here – when it comes to reposting user-generated content, brands should always ask for permission from users before reposting content. Some users value their privacy above others – and you never want to exceed those limits.

Let’s now cover how to repost content on your Instagram story.

How to share an Instagram story with my story

Your ability to repost someone’s story depends on whether the original creator tagged you.

If the user has not tagged you, you are limited in what you can do. Currently, there is no feature that allows you to re-post stories without a tag. However, you can share it via direct messages to another follower.

If you are tagged in a story, you can easily reshape it with your story by following the steps below:

  1. Tap the instant messaging icon in the top right corner.

InstagramStap 4

2. Search and open the tag notification.

InstagramStap 5

3. Tap “Add to your story.” From here, you can add your own text, filters, and stickers to the post – or continue to the next step.

InstagramStap 6

4. Finally, tap “Submit”.

InstagramStap 7Once your post is live, viewers can see the original story, along with any comments or stickers you may have added.

How to share an Instagram post with my story

You can share another user’s input post with your story in four quick steps:

1. Tap that airplane icon below the photo or video in your stream.
InstagramStap 12. Tap the “Add post / video to your story” pop-up menu.

InstagramStap 2

3. You can then add text, filters or stickers to the story – or move on to the next step.

4. Tap “Submit” then “Share”.

InstagramStap 3Why can’t I share someone’s Instagram story?

Keep in mind that many users enable story sharing by default, but others may choose to disable this feature. Similarly, users can place their profile in private mode. If they did not accept your follow-up request, you will not be able to see their stories.

Of course, you can record a story with a screenshot or a screen before it expires. However, when it comes to sharing and posting content, it is important to remember that some users value their privacy more than others. To prevent any lines from being crossed, it’s a good idea to ask permission before sharing any content on your page.

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