From Your First Hire to the C-Suite

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Hiring decisions are arguably some of the most expensive and highest risk decisions you make as an entrepreneur. To scale and grow your business, it often involves bringing more people into your organization. Yet most of us are barely even taught how to manage, let alone make a hiring decision.


Everything from wasted money when you hire someone who does not work out, to putting your company at risk, to decreased team morale — the cost of the wrong hire to your business can be steep. To help you mitigate hiring risks, we’re bringing you this free webinar, How to Hire the Right People to Grow Your Business: From Your First Hire to the C-Suitepresented by Oracle NetSuite and Entrepreneur.

Join us for this engaging conversation with Craig della Penna, founder of Aesop Partners and creator of the HireBest® interview method – a structured interview approach that was created to help business leaders at all levels make better hiring decisions and democratize talent. Moderating this conversation is Dynamic Communication author and entrepreneur Jill Schiefelbein, who will add perspectives from the micro-business angle and on effective onboarding communication.

Together, della Penna and Schiefelbein will discuss:

  • How to create a structured interview process that brings the right candidates to the table, including how to determine what you’re looking for and who you’re looking for.
  • The right questions to ask during an interview. Hint, it’s NOT “tell me about yourself.”
  • Tailoring your interview approach to the complexity and risk of the role – not every position is the same, so your interview approach should not be, either.
  • The multiple hats the entrepreneur needs to wear during the hiring process. Spoiler alert, “manager” is not the primary one.
  • Considerations for onboarding your new hire to make sure everyone is ready to hit the ground running.
  • And more.

The How to Hire the Right People to Grow Your Business: From Your First Hire to the C-Suite webinar will take place live on Monday March 21 at 12 pm EST | 9 am PST.

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