Elvis Presley’s jet just sold at a Florida auction for $286,000

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A private jet that once belonged to Elvis Presley has been sold at auction in Florida on what would have been the singer’s 88th birthday.

Bettman | Getty Images

Mecum Auctions, a Wisconsin collector vehicle auctioneer, announced the red and silver 1962 Lockheed 1329 JetStar that sold for $286,000 on January 8, per Fox Business.

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According to Mecum Auctions, the 61-year-old jet is one of 202 JetStar aircraft manufactured by the Lockheed Corporation.

Presley allegedly owned the plane from OMNI Aircraft Sales Inc. purchased on December 22, 1976 for $840,000.

At the time, the jet was top of the line, complete with custom red velvet upholstery, gold-finish hardware, a microwave oven, VCR, cassette player and other then-luxury amenities, per Smithsonian Magazine.

The jet was one of several private planes, including an additional JetStar and Convair 880 passenger plane, that Presley owned throughout his career, and he kept two pilots on board, Artnet reports.

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On its website, Mecum Auctions noted that the jet, which has been at the Roswell International Air Center in New Mexico for decades and does not include engines or replacement parts, will have to be disassembled to ship.

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