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MarketBeat’s own Chris Markoch is back as a guest on The MarketBeat Podcast and he and Kate discuss three stocks that Chris sees as having potential for your watch list, even during the market downturn.

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How are inflation and supply-chain issues now affecting the dollar stores, just like other retailers?

What strategy does Dollar General use to attract customers from a targeted area?

Can strong revenue growth at Dollar Growth translate to the bottom line?

Why is Intuitive Surgical on the rise again, after the pandemic interrupted its growth?

Why it’s been a big winner after the market rebounded from the pandemic-driven downturn in 2020

Is Intuitive Surgical overvalued, relative to its forward-looking revenue and earnings?

Does Chris use price targets in his analysis?

Why is Shopify still a strong stock, despite some analysts lowering their price targets?

What does it mean now that easy year-over-year growth comparisons are in the past?

Why it’s time to watch the stock’s chart to see if it’s getting a base of support

Stocks mentioned:

Dollar General (DG)

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG)

Shopify (SHOP)

Find Chris at MarketBeat: https://www.marketbeat.com/authors/chris-markoch/

Or on Twitter: @CTMCopywriter

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