Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Business News

An overview of top selling items on Etsy

EtsyHunt is an all-in-one tool for sellers to analyze handmade marketplaces and grow their stores. Etsy sellers with an EtsyHunt account will be able to quickly access Etsy trends or explore more potential opportunities. Here, you’ll visit the critical Etsy players, top things, and practical strategies. Follow up to get detailed knowledge on choosing the […]

Entrepreneurs News

How to manage your funds if you move abroad

People move overseas for various reasons. Maybe you got or want a dream job at an international corporation to study for your doctorate without drowning in student loan debt for life. Many Americans choose the emigration option if they have chronic health conditions and an in-demand occupation or spouse in such a role – they […]

Is it time to get a new credit card?

Credit cards are great for collecting rewards and points, but you want to make sure you have the right card for your spending style. There are many considerations when to select a card, and depending on your stage of life, you may have to choose a new one. This article will look at several different […]

Stock Market

I want year-round outdoor living – dry summers and no snow – at $4,000 a month. Where should I retire?

I am a single 54 year old female looking to retire in the next 10 years but looking for my future retirement location within the next two years. I like dry summer weather, hiking, biking, water sports, year round outdoor life. I don’t like cold, snowy winters unless I go skiing! I like being close […]

13 stocks whose built-in advantages protect them from the economic uncertainty that pervades the market

Investors who were unsure about the Fed’s merciless inflation policy have probably now gotten the message. And as markets adjust to the prospect of more hikes from a central bank that plans to “keep going until it’s done,” with threats of an escalating war in Europe and energy crisis hovering in the background, the S&P […]

The mighty dollar may be about to crack, says this strategist, who offers stocks to watch on either side.

Technical analysts warn that markets are poised to retest June lows, with 3,640 on the S&P 500 SPX, -0.72% in the spotlight. “Investors have become much less comfortable with this tighter liquidity environment, with many realizing that it will remain in place for a much longer period than initially expected, ultimately leading to the current […]