Thursday, February 02, 2023

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Want to be a better boss? Use the 5 love languages

As an entrepreneur, you depend on the people you hire to help you grow your business. However, cultivating an engaging culture where everyone feels valued can be difficult. One strategy to build more rapport, trust, and enthusiasm among your employees is to understand and apply “love languages” on the job. The idea of ​​love languages […]

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3 Growth Stocks to Buy Now Before It Heats Up

The gradual decline in inflation and slowing wage growth could prompt the Fed to slow the pace of rate hikes this year, which could help growth stocks mount a recovery. So, fundamentally strong growth stocks Salesforce ( CRM ), HF Sinclair ( DINO ), and Box ( BOX ), which are poised to rally in […]

Inflation Tips for Beginners – Top 11

In October of 2022, the Consumer Price Index was 7.7% higher than the same time the previous year. The prices of shelter, food and petrol are the forerunners, which bear the brunt of all of us. Inflation has all kinds of side effects for individuals and for businesses, especially businesses that are just starting out. […]

Stock Market

Clean energy investment tops $1 trillion, which would beat money backing oil and gas

Investment in cleaner energy is poised to overtake spending on fossil fuels for the first time ever after reaching a record $1 trillion last year. That’s according to a recent report from energy and renewables research group BloombergNEF. “Our findings put to rest any debate about how the energy crisis will affect the deployment of […]

Autoliv Delivers Surprisingly Strong Results, Shares Reasonably Valued (NYSE: ALV )

ljubaphoto/E+ via Getty Images In our last Autoliv (NYSE: ALV) article we argued that shares are attractively priced as things begin to normalize for the company, and rated shares a ‘Buy’. Since then, stocks have outperformed the S&P 500 Index (SPY) by more than 2x, from ~$73 to ~$93. We believe the undervaluation has been […]

The way the government measures economic growth keeps working mothers’ labor ‘invisible’. A new paper argues for a better system.

The American economy relies on unpaid care to function, as parents juggle childcare and chores, and manage other elderly at home. Yet caregiving is not considered part of economic output. Here’s why economists say unpaid care is important, and adds to GDP: Caring for children or the elderly allows the rest of the population to […]