1. Text information (the description of company’s activities): All texts which are provided by the customer should contain only the information which is to be publicized. The customer should edit its texts himself and provide it in the final form.

2. Images:
all the required images (firms’ logos, emblems and images with firms’ style) should be provided by the customer in AI or CDR-format. All the remaining images (illustrations, charts, photos, diagrams) for web site require the one of the following formats: TIFF, PNG, GIF, JPEG (JPG), PSD (Adobe Photoshop).

3. Web-presentations.
The presentations in formats PPT, PPS, PDF are accepted. For the correct representation of your information we recommend you to use the standard Microsoft Windows shrifts (Arial or TimeNewRoman). We would not recommend you to insert large text blocks in your presentation because it is difficult to perceive them from monitor.

Video-presentations (video-clips) are accepted in any video-format avi, wmv, mov, flv with the size beyond 10 Mb. The video should not continue longer than 3 minutes and should contain the regulation for loudness (if possible).

All the video-information for the web site should be provided by the customer in the correct format and of good quality.

In addition to the video we would also require the image-preview to the presentation with same format.


If the data provided by the customer do not meet the format or quality requirements, the contractor can reformat the files and videos of the customer against extra payment.

In case your firm do not posses any advertising materials (firms’ logos, firm’s design, web-presentations etc.), the experts from the informational and marketing department of RECIB NOWATELL could help you to develop such data.

Application form for the placing your web-presentations on the portal
Application form for advertising services.

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